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    How do I hide content inside my post?
    You can do so by using [hide]texthere[/hide] feature.

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    Why are threads locked for me, while others can reply?
    Certain forums require a particular post count to be able to post on them.

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    I accidentally made my topic on the wrong section/forum, how can I move it?
    All you have to do is report the topic and a Staff member will move it to the appropriate section.

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    I got banned from the shoutbox for no reason at all, can I be unbanned?
    Asking to be unbanned is against the rules. Please take your time to read all of the forum rules to figure out why you have been banned. If you still believe that the action was wrongful, please contact teqn and provide solid evidence.

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    I am interested in having a fancy color on my name, is there anything I can do to get one?
    Absolutely, please take a look at our upgrade page.

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    Can I gift someone else an upgrade?
    Not at the moment, but we consider adding this very soon.

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    What is leeching, and why can I get banned for it?
    Leeching as a term is when someone takes content from the community without contributing anything back to it. You can quickly get punished for Leeching if you constantly take content without giving anything back. You will mostly receive a warning first, then the second time it will be a permanent suspension from the site.

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